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AFO Fire Extinguisher BallAFO Fire Extinguisher Ball

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AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is a fully automatic fire extinguisher.
When thrown or rolled into fire, it will burst and extinguish the fire immediately.
You can also place it where the hotspots are such as flammable objects, circuit breaker box, gas tank etc

In case of fire, it will put out the fire by itself thus guarding lives and property.

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**The fire fighting problems for traditional extinguishers**

We have to recognize that 90% of ordinary people don’t know how to use the fire fighting equipment when faced with real fire situations.
Have you ever been one of those people, who found themselves unable to use the fire extinguishers in real fire
situation due to the following reasons?

You lack training on proper effective use
Its bulky and heavy weight makes it difficult to carry when it is some distance from the fire
You need to get close to the fire and get exposed to the smoke which causes health problem

The revolution of fire extinguishing ball offers you advantages that exceed the conventional methods.

Light Weight — 1.3 Kilogram, shapes of a ball even the old and children can use it easily.
Easy to Use — Just throw it into the fire or install it in any fire risk areas.
Safe to use — No need to get close to the fire. No-toxic to the environment. Fire Extinguishing Ball is made from human
and environmental friendly materials. The outward driving force from activation of the ball does not harm to
human and environment.
Maintenance Free — For a period of 5 years without maintenance, always on guard for you with its unique capability to emit loud noise of less than 140dB as a fire alarm upon activation.

How to Use Fire Extinguishing Ball

(Active Use) Throwing Fire Extinguisher ball into the fire
When a fire erupts, take the nearest available fire extinguishing ball and simply throw into the fire. The ball will naturally fall into the base of the flames, where it is most needed, and activate within 3 seconds. No need to pull pins, or to get close to the fire. No special training or skills required.

(Passive Use) Self Activating Mount.
One of the great benefits of Fire Extinguishing Ball is the fact that it can self activate in the presence of fire when no-one is present. If
positioned in the appropriate high-risk area where most fires are likely to start, it will self activate upon reaching the appropriate temperature and extinguish the fire.

Technical Specification:

Weight of extinguishing powder mixture: 1.3 +/- 0.2 kg.
Total weight of the agent: 1.5 +- 0.2 kg.
NEC: 4.0 g
Diameter : 147 mm
Warning audio signal: 120 dB (Impulse Noise)
Activation time: 3 – 10 sec with flame
Effective extinguish area: 1.3Kg – 3 cubic meter
Duration: 5 years

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